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Leadership as an Online Entrepreneur: How to Become the Go-To Authority in Your Space + Attract Your Ideal Clients


Join us for a webinar  on all things leadership as an online entrepreneur!

Buzzwords like “authority” and “ideal clients” are common in the online-based business space — but how do we actually become an authority and attract our ideal clients? 

Pia will be digging into leadership: everything from the qualities of leaders, why leadership matters, and how true leadership is different from marketing or positioning yourself as an authority, to tangible tactics you can practice to step into your authentic leadership. 


We’ll cover: 

  • What leadership is and the difference it makes in your business
  • Why being a leader is different than being the “go-to authority” and how they’re related 
  • The qualities of leaders most online entrepreneurs don’t cultivate — and how they generate a bigger impact for your clients 
  • How to step into your authentic expression of leadership and make a bigger difference in your community
  • How to leverage your leadership to effortlessly attract your ideal clients and easefully sell your services 
  • The biggest leadership misses in the online entrepreneur space, and how to correct them to build a committed team, value-driven culture, and thoughtfully curated experiences


This webinar is perfect for you if if you’re looking to

  • Elevate your presence and create a luxury service-based business
  • Feel more comfortable and confident asserting yourself in your space, and communicate clearly about the value you offer 
  • Rise above your peers, make a unique difference, and leave a lasting impression on anyone that interacts with your brand 


If you’re looking to be a true leader in your space 

  • Set the new tone for your industry 
  • Bring out the best in your clients and community 
  • Build a culture that makes people feel a part of something bigger than themselves
  • Not only be seen as credible and unique, but also elevate everyone around you


You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of how you can show up for yourself, better show up for others, and transfer this power into your business success!


Registration of $97 includes: 

  • A seat a the live webinar, opportunity for interactive Q+A and hot seat coaching
  • Replay of the webinar (even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the replay)
  • Worksheets, spreadsheets and inquiry prompts to implement what we cover!


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