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How to Host Sales Conversations That Don’t Feel Sleazy


Do you hate marketing yourself? Do you feel sleazy when it comes to sales? Or…are you just not confident when you hop on a discovery call or have an opportunity to pitch in a DM? 


If you know you have value to offer, and you’re excited about your program…but you’re struggling to sell it, this webinar is for you! 


Maybe you’re hesitant to promote your offers, or you’ve been engaging with your audience and taking discovery calls, but not signing clients, me as I break down our authentic approache to sales. 


I’ll cover: 

  • The mindset blocks that make you hate marketing yourself and your offers, and how we reframe them
  • How to start, nurture, and convert long-term relationships with your community to convert sales more easily 
  • The outline you need to speak confidently (and accurately!) about your offers that makes the value clear, and doesn’t over-promise 
  • Why coming from a place of service will help you sell more 
  • The leadership skills we use to guide genuine sales conversations that don’t feel icky and produce the best possible outcome for everyone involved


Whether you need a new approach to closing on sales calls, help converting your community to paying clients, or confidence so you can actually deliver your deep expertise to the people who need it…


You’ll walk away from this webinar understanding your buyers, how to connect with them authentically, and close sales with confidence. 


You want to be able to share your deep expertise with your audience — and lack of sales skills shouldn’t be the thing keeping you from doing that!  


We’ve all had that icky sales experience that left us annoyed, resentful, and turned off — I’m showing you an alternative that not only benefits your top line, but allows you to truly connect with, serve, and support your potential clients and customers. 


If you’re struggling with…

  • Confidently closing sales
  • Speaking powerfully to potential clients about your offers
  • Feeling ingenuine or predatory when engaging with your ideal client or marketing yourself
  • Constantly lowering your prices because you feel like you have to in order for people to buy

I’m here to help you sell in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy — to you or to your client! 


So you can

  • Establish long term, authentic relationships with your ideal clients that lead to more referrals and rewrite THEIR beliefs about sales too
  • Sell your offers confidently, at full value 
  • Regularly attract new clients who can’t wait to work with you


Included in your $97 registration

  • Live 2 hour webinar with live Q+A
  • Replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it live or want to rewatch it later 
  • Resources to help you sell more authentically in your space