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How to Create an Annual Plan for your most Impactful, Profitable Year Yet

FRIDAY DEC 10th at 10a MST

Let’s map out your most impactful year and clear path to profitability!


You started your business because you knew there was more out there for you…


You want financial security, an audience that can’t wait to work with you, and to genuinely love what you do every day. 


You want to share your gifts with the world, in a way that’s sustainable. You want to gain traction in your space, and see your monthly revenue increase. 


Which is why I’m helping you to help you get clear on your vision, goals, and values, plan your 2022 by quarter and month, learn how to manage your projects and productivity, and set audacious (yet attainable) revenue goals for the year! 


In this 2 hour webinar, I’ll take you through the exercise I did in Q4 2020 to plan our entire 2021 in advance.


If you’re struggling with…

  • Looking at the big picture of your business before diving into the details
  • Scaling your business and feeling stuck on why this isn’t happening
  • Finding the freedom entrepreneurship promises
  • Creating strategy, structures, and systems to scale to $40k+ months, double your corporate salary, impact thousands of women via online programs, and nurture communities that are dying to buy from you


If you want to plan your year in advance, but aren’t really sure what to consider, what to include, or how to make sense of all your ideas, this is perfect for you! 

Or, if you’re an established business owner who is used to annual/quarterly planning and you just want a container to do it in for extra accountability or inspiration, we’ll support you with additional structure.


You’ll learn 

  • How to craft the long-term vision of your business and start working on it this year
  • Why you need to know your personal and professional values, and how to use them for impact and profit
  • How to set goals for the year that are both audacious and attainable
  • The process we use to plan our year in advance so we can be prepared for growth
  • How to break your year down into monthly activities so you can always work ahead
  • My week-over-week practice to stay on track for your big picture plan and manage your projects 


So you can 

  • Have your entire year planned out beyond just setting goals for yourself.
  • Actually be excited about being organized, because what you’ve mapped out feels completely possible.
  • Have peace of mind and can focus on doing what you do best…rather than wondering how you’re going to make enough money next month to get to the next level in your business.
  • Plan ahead, work within your bandwidth, and still know you’re going to meet your goals for the year.
  • Actually feel energized by your business again, instead of worried about how to pull this thing off. You don’t feel pressure, because you have a plan that’s rooted in your vision and values. 


You’ll walk away with a step-by-step set of activities to plan your entire 2022 for impact and profit.


Doing this exercise for 2021 was a game changer for me and Curate Well Co. I entered the year prepared, excited and grounded because I knew what to work on when to meet my goals. No more scrambling, dumpster fires, or chaos! 


I can’t wait to share this with you! Last year, over 50 women participated in this webinar — you’re next! 


Included in your $97 registration

  • Live 2 hour webinar with live Q+A
  • Replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it live or want to rewatch it later 
  • Resources to help you strategic plan for your year ahead


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