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How to Craft a Killer Offer For Your Clients

FRIDAY APRIL 23rd at 10a MST

Join us for a 2-hour webinar, where we’ll walk through how to test, outline, and create a thorough, professional, transformational offer that provides over-the-top care to your clients, and doesn’t sacrifice the details!


Have any of your launches ever been flops? You craft an amazing offer, but when it comes time for people to sign up…crickets. 

Or, do you want to be able to charge more for your high touch programs? You know you’re offering so much value, and you want people to see that value and sign up — even if it’s the biggest investment they’ve ever made? 

Or, do you have an idea for a new product, offering, or revenue stream for your business — but you’re a little bit scared, and not sure if it’s going to be successful? 


Join me for a webinar where we’ll break down our detail oriented approach to creating offers that are packed with value, holistically serve your clients, and provide detail-oriented support that makes a difference they won’t find anywhere else in the space.


You’ll walk away from this webinar with a clear framework to build your next offer that your community needs, that will stand out from others in your space, and makes your people say, “It’s a not brainer — I’m in!” 


After all, you’re an expert in your craft. And you started your business to make an impact and help others — you have the knowledge to share with your people. Now, let’s help you deliver it in a way that’s profitable, attractive to your community, and exciting for you to execute on!


If you’re struggling with…

  • Creating offers that sell easily, and make your community say “It’s a no brainer — I’m in!”
  • Launching new offers successfully and hitting your goals 
  • Pricing offers to match the value in the program…but won’t give your community sticker shock
  • Differentiating yourself in your space — crafting offers unique to you and your expertise
  • Retaining your clients, and keeping your community coming back for more

This webinar is perfect for you. We’ll help you test and validate your offer, map the offer start to finish to provide unparalleled support, and speak about your offer powerfully so potential clients feel like they can’t not join!


You’ll learn 

  • Why you need to test and validate your offer before creating it 
  • Our top 3 strategies to launching brand new offers successfully
  • How to channel your valuable knowledge into a detail oriented offer that truly serves your audience and resonates with your niche
  • The information you need to have ready to speak clearly about the value of your program
  • Why offer mapping is necessary to truly, deeply serve your community with an offer they need and will genuinely benefit from ​
  • The key to signing loyal clients who will continue to learn from you over time

So you can

  • Truly, deeply serve your community with an offer they need and will genuinely benefit from 
  • Sign loyal clients who will continue to learn from you over time
  • Launch your next offer successfully, and feel confident in what you put out


You’ll leave this webinar with a reliable framework (the exact one we use!) to create offers that make people say things like

  • I’ve decided I can’t not do this! 
  • This is a no-brainer, I’m in! 
  • Oh, you know I’m joining! 
  • I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time!
  • I’m already committed and I haven’t even clicked the link yet!


Included in your $97 registration

  • Live 2 hour webinar with live Q+A
  • Replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it live or want to rewatch it later 
  • Resources to help you craft a killer detail-oriented offer


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