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Content Creation + Copywriting that Converts Webinar


A strategic approach to creating content that resonates with your ICA


If you’ve been spinning your wheels, creating content on the fly, but not quite seeing the ROI, join us for a webinar where we’ll break down our systematic approach to creating content that doesn’t fall flat.


Whether you need a new take on content creation, are struggling to show up consistently, are looking for sexy spreadsheets to systematize your creation process, or you have dreams of expanding your content beyond Instagram to other platforms, or launching a blog, newsletter….


You’ll walk away from this webinar understanding how to make your content work for you. After all, you didn’t start your business to create content — content creation is a means to and end. And, you don’t want to spend hours a day on an app anymore — in order to scale your business you need to optimize your use of social media for more selling and less scrolling.


If you’re struggling with…

  • Comparing yourself, consuming others’ content, or creating unique content
  • Consistently showing up as an expert in your industry and converting followers to paid clients 
  • Differentiating yourself in the sea of Instagram with your content and copy
  • Expanding your visibility and getting in front of the right audience
  • Feeling exhausted from the hamster wheel of content creation, like you can never get ahead

You’re likely missing the strategy behind content and copy and this webinar is perfect for you! I’m going to teach you how to create content with an efficient and strategic approach and create copy that resonates with your community  — landing so clearly with them, they’ll want to engage right away. 


You’ll learn 

  • How to turn insights from your Ideal Client Avatar into content that truly serves your audience and resonates with your niche
  • How to articulate what you do and the value you provide in a way that is clear and compelling to your community…not confusing
  • How to speak directly to your ideal client, so they instantly resonate with your unique voice and know what makes you stand out in the space 
  • How to use your content to find ideal clients, attract quality leads 


So you can

  • Be seen as an expert in your field 
  • Increase your visibility to grow your community
  • Optimize efficiency of your content creation
  • Regularly attract new clients who can’t wait to work with you


Included in your $97 registration

  • Live 2 hour webinar with live Q+A
  • Replay of the webinar in case you can’t make it live or want to rewatch it later 
  • Resources to help you create a strategic content plan


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