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Community Activation + Engagement


How to build a referral system to generate hot, inbound leads, effortlessly attract your ideal clients, and easefully sell your services without live launching

Join Pia for a webinar masterclass on all things community activation, engagement + building. I’ve built a multiple six-figure business with minimal live launching — and I’m teaching you how in this webinar! 

If live launching feels draining for you, or you feel more fulfilled by connecting with people than writing email sequences, this is for you. 

I’m teaching my proprietary community activation strategy that allows us to sell out our programs and launch new offers successfully. 

At Curate Well Co. we take a community-based strategy to growth, marketing, and business-building. From referral programs, to ambassador programs, to increased visibility and exposure — community is the thing that’s grown our business. 

We entered into 2021 with +$98k in sales for the year, before the year even started. 56% of our revenue comes from referrals. And we launched our membership with +40 members before doors even officially opened.

This Community Activation webinar is covering our strategy doing all of this! 


You’ll learn

  • The common pain points of only marketing your business online 
  • Why community is at the root of a successful business, especially as an online entrepreneur, and how to start cultivating yours
  • How to tap into existing communities to increase your exposure and cross-pollinate your audience
  • Why having a network of resources increases your revenue generating capacity
  • How you can get weekly inbound hot leads without having to publicly promote your offers
  • The offline activities you can do every month to build a robust network of people who support your business and be a connector in your community 
  • How I’ve built a business with $25k base months with backend launching
  • What’s possible for your business when you can put as much effort into offline marketing as you do online marketing


You’ll walk away with an understanding of: 

  • How to personalize your interactions to make a lasting impression on potential clients 
  • How to build long-term, meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships that will serve your business now and for years into the future
  • How to use human connection to generate buy in and increase the number of inbound leads you get in your business
  • How to be widely known in your local and online communities, and seen as a genuine, impactful leader in your space 
  • How to build a community-based system to scaling your business, even if you’re still operating as a solo-preneur 


This webinar is perfect for you if if you’re looking to:

  • Become known for your impact, not your title
  • Hear that people are spreading the word about you, talking about you, and referring you — without you having to promote yourself constantly 
  • Scale a high-touch, streamlined, and professional service-based business that wows your clients, generates trust, loyalty, and long term relationships (that continue to pay off the more time passes), and uses momentum to grow your waitlist and client load 


Registration of $97 includes: 

  • A seat a the 90-min live webinar, opportunity for interactive Q+A and hot seat coaching
  • Replay of the webinar (even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the replay)
  • Worksheets, spreadsheets and trackers to implement what we cover!


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