5 Truths About Being an Entrepreneur

Jun 17, 2021

Did you get into entrepreneurship so you could make your own rules and stop conforming to the grind?

I started Curate Well Co. after working in the tech and startup world. 60+ hour work weeks spent sprinting towards big goals was the name of the game. I thrived when given the chance to create from scratch: to be handed a big picture concept and tasked with building process, structure, and function, transforming a simple idea into a complex, living system. 

But there’s only so much change one can make from within a container built by someone else. So I left to start my own business. Whether you’re just thinking about the possibilities of what you could build, or you’re in the process of building your long-term brand vision, I’m sure you can relate.

It’s true that being an entrepreneur means that you get to make the rules and cause a bigger impact by your own choice —  it’s probably the reason why you chose this path to begin with. But it’s also true that every day of entrepreneurship brings a new challenge, a new learning, and a new opportunity to figure it out as you go (and a decent amount of uncertainty too). Entrepreneurship is often glamorized, especially on social media, and I think it’s important to shed light on the experience in its entirety. Here are 5 truths about being an entrepreneur that our clients and I experience regularly.

  1. Long days and lots of screen time
    There’s freedom in entrepreneurship, but the day-to-day is more likely unwashed hair, sweatpants, and sitting behind a computer screen. There’s always something to be done, so it’s easy to work long days.
  2. It’s vulnerable AF
    Prepare to be triggered. Your traumas, insecurities, and any work you need to do will come up. Everything about the human experience is heightened when the stakes are high and you’re running your own business. It’s messy and uncomfortable, but also a great opportunity to grow.
  3. It’s easier than we think to fall back into the grind we wanted to leave in our 9-5
    When you’re responsible for your livelihood (not to mention if you have a team and their livelihoods to think about), there’s a lot of pressure. We’re natural achievers and hard workers — add in lots of growth opportunities and cycles and the grind sneaks up on you.
  4. It’s a balance of learning and doing
    Both are key — and they usually happen in seasons. Our natural tendency is to work in cycles, and I find that cycle includes learning and doing at different phases. Know when to pause and absorb new information, and when to push forward and take action.
  5. It takes creativity and critical thinking if you want to experience both fulfillment and financial freedom
    It’s all about problem-solving — examining the context, weighing options and impacts, self-awareness, and understanding implications are things that happen every day. As an entrepreneur, you’re developing the ability to navigate through and maneuver alongside anything you encounter. The question is never, “Can I do this?”, it’s always, “What can I do with this?”

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